Tiger Fairy

Tiger Fairies live in a magical jungle. They're just like normal fairies, but they have bright pink fur with big black stripes.


Step 1

Using a sponge and some yellow paint, cover the face with a butterfly-shaped mask. With a clean sponge, dab some pink at the top tips and bottom corners of the butterfly. Then paint a wide, white triangular shape underneath the nose.

Step 2

Using a brush, paint one white dot in the middle of the head, just above the eyebrows. Then mix some white with some yellow and paint four further dots underneath the white one. Take a clean brush and some black paint and draw a nose and a line coming down towards the top lip. Then outline either side of the white shape and add some ‘whiskers’.

Step 3

Add two black stripes underneath each eye and two snaking down both cheeks, from the inside corners of the eyes to the bottom of the face. Add some uneven black tips to the top butterfly ‘wings’. Finally, add some blue paint inside the flower.