Robo Fox

Once there was a red fox named Fang. She had made quite a name for herself in the deep, dark forest where she lived. Under the moonlight, she would sneak out of her foxhole down to the nearby farm. She had one thing on her mind: Chickens......


Step 1

Take a sponge and some orange paint, and create a slightly ‘batman’ shaped mask across the eyes. Using some brown paint, fill in the space in the middle of the forehead. Then with a clean sponge, draw a thick, curved line above the mouth and across the face.

Step 2

Take a thin brush and some black paint. Outline where the brown shape meets the orange mask. Then use black lines to segment and outline the white shape.

Step 3

Now add ‘screws’ to the brown shape and the top of the orange mask. Draw some dots either side of the mouth, and then the whiskers and nose.