Here are some perfect ideas for a party this winter for children who love ice, snow and magic. To help you, take a look at our brand new video with easy Ice Fairy and Princesses Face paint designs and ideas.

    Ice Fairy

  1. Base
    Base With a wet brush and light blue paint, draw five triangles for a crown shape above the eyebrows, and lines below these to create arches over and around the eyes. Fill with light blue paint.
  2. Detail
    Detail Then with a small brush and white paint, draw lines along the inside of some of the triangles. Draw an outline around the bottom of the crown and three white lines in between the eyebrows. Add five sets of three short lines along the bottom outline of the crown and three little dots in the middle triangles of the crown. Also draw one big white star in the middle of the crown.
  3. Finish
    Finish With a small brush and white paint draw two sets of smaller stars or snowflakes onto the cheeks. You can do this free hand or use a stencil.


  1. Foundation
    Foundation Choose two varying shades of brown face paint, one light and one darker. Use the darker shade to create a cloud-like shape around the eye and temple area with a sponge or brush. Then, dab the lighter shade over the darker brown, following the general shape.
  2. Colour-in
    Colour-in Using a brush and white face paint, shade in the chin and the area above the upper lip. Use orange face paint and a fine brush to draw tiny antler details at the centre of the forehead. Draw and fill in a small red circle on the tip of the nose.
  3. Details
    Details Using a fine point brush and black face paint, outline the antlers and the perimeter of the face. Add whisker details for extra flair and fun!


  1. Foundation
    Foundation Use a sponge and cover the face with white paint, covering only half of the forehead area.
  2. Colour-In
    Colour-In With a brush or sponge, use orange face paint to cover the nose.
  3. Details
    Details Using a fine-tipped brush and black face paint, paint a thin line around the left side of the face. Then, draw a tiny top hat at the centre of the forehead. Use white paint and a fine brush to add detailing to the top hat.

Princess Wand

  1. Wrap
    Wrap Wrap a chopstick in tin foil. Use clear stick tape to secure the foil.
  2. Glue
    Glue Cut and glue blue and silver ribbons at the top of the chopstick. With a pair of scissors you can score the ribbons to make them curly.
  3. Decorate
    Decorate Cut out two round shapes from the silver card, decorate them with silver glitter or other accessories and attach to the top of the wand with double sided tape.

Melting Snowman Jelly

  1. Pipe Chocolate
    Pipe Chocolate Pipe melted chocolate into the shape of two stick arms onto tinfoil then pipe chocolate dots in the shape of a mouth and eyes onto one marshmallow. Leave both of these to dry.
  2. Decorate
    Decorate Then decorate the three marshmallows by attaching a mini smartie to the centre with a blob of honey. Make sure to use an orange one for the nose of the snowman.
  3. Finish
    Finish Arrange all the pieces on the semi set jelly and decorate with white chocolate buttons and blue sprinkles as desired.

Wrap a Snowman!

  1. Cut
    Cut Make the Snow Man’s nose by cutting a medium sized triangle out of orange card.
  2. Cut
    Cut To make the Snow Man’s buttons, cut out three different sized circles out of red card.
  3. Wrap
    Wrap Divide into two groups, and appoint someone to be a ‘snowman’. Ready, steady, snow! You have two minutes to wrap the appointed snowman in the white sheet. Using the nose and buttons decorate your team member just like a real snowman. Don't forget to choose a winner!