Clown, jester or masked carnival queen – everyone has a part to play in the parade and we have a brand new video full of ideas to get you started. Time to make the cupcakes and grab the drums!

    Carnival Mask

  1. Base
    Base First, use a sponge with pink paint to draw a semi-circle below the left eye. Now draw another semi-circle above the right eyebrow. Make sure you paint a bit of the nose between the eyes. Once dry, take another sponge with yellow paint and draw a semi-circle above the left eyebrow. Now paint a just a touch of yellow below the right eye. With a new sponge, paint a little blue beneath the left eye and a touch at the top right of the nose.
  2. Detail
    Detail With a thin brush and black paint, draw a line above each brow, following their shape - just like in this picture. Add three small teardrop shapes on each side of the middle of the forehead above the line. Then draw some swirls from the middle of the nose to the cheeks. Now add teardrops to the corner of each eye.
  3. Finish
    Finish With a thin brush and white paint, outline the top edge of the mask. Now outline the bottom edge of the mask. After that, add some small stars on the top of both cheeks and the nose.


  1. Base
    Base Using white paint and a sponge or brush, paint the top half of the face white, including both cheeks.
  2. Detail
    Detail Using sky blue paint and a thin brush, draw a triangle in the centre above each eyebrow. Using grass green paint and a thin brush, draw a triangle in the centre below each eye.
  3. Finish
    Finish Using bright red paint and a thin brush, add dots to the tops and bottoms of each triangle, and three small dots on the outer side of each eye. Draw a dot on the tip of the nose to finish your design.


  1. Base
    Base With a brush, use white paint to draw two large irregular circles around each eye. Line the mouth in the same way using thick irregular paint lines.
  2. Detail
    Detail With a brush, use bright red paint to draw a red circle on the nose and each cheek.
  3. Finish
    Finish Using a thin brush and black paint, draw lines around the outside of the eye shapes, with a small line at the tops and bottoms of the circles. Draw small lines in the cheek dimples to finish your design.


  1. Ice your cakes
    Ice your cakes Decorate your 12 cupcakes with buttercream icing. You can make buttercream icing by mixing 600g icing sugar and 300g salted butter.
  2. Decorate
    Decorate After frosting, with different colour sweets decorate your cupcakes.
  3. Sprinkle
    Sprinkle Don’t forget to sprinkle icing sugar over the top to finish!


  1. Find a jar
    Find a jar Take an empty jar or tin
  2. Cut
    Cut Cut the bottom part of a balloon and place on top of the jar/tin
  3. Tape
    Tape Secure with elastic bands or tape. You can even decorate your drum with paint!

Musical Statues

  1. Set up speakers
    Set up speakers You will need speakers and your child’s favourite carnival music for this game.
  2. Play Music
    Play Music Turn the music on and off at random intervals.
  3. Dance
    Dance When the music is off, tap the children who move until you end of with one winner!