Iron Man

Everyone knows the iconic red and gold of Iron Man’s suit – especially the citizens of his hometown, New York City........


Step 1

Use a sponge to cover the entire face with gold paint, leaving a trapezoid shape at the top of the head.

Step 2

With a sponge, colour the trapezoid in with red. Then draw two triangles at the side of each eye. Add two red strips that sit along either side of the jaw line. Clean your brush and draw two white dots on the forehead.

Step 3

Finally, using a thin brush with some black paint, outline the trapezoid and draw two lines inside it. Outline the eyes and the red triangle shapes. Outline the res strips along either side of the jaw. Draw two jagged lines down each cheek. Finish by outlining the white dots to make bolts and outlining the entire outside edge of the mask.

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