After a radioactive explosion in his laboratory, the life of mild-mannered scientist Bruce Banner was changed forever. Ever since the accident, moments of great stress prompt Banner's body to dramatically transform into a huge, super strong living engine of destruction with green skin - best known as the Incredible Hulk.....


Step 1

Use a sponge to paint the whole face with lime green, then dab some dark green on the nose. Hulk is strongest one there is!

Step 2

Paint a jagged hairline in dark green to give Hulk his messy look, then fill in the forehead with the same colour. A Thin Brush is great for the detail here.

Step 3

Draw fine wrinkles around the eyes and across the nose in black. Add bushy eyebrows, an outline around each eye and two lines across the nose to create large nostrils. To complete the look, just draw two more lines stretching from the nose to the corners of the mouth. Now, just try not to get too angry...

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