How to paint a....

Tiger beginner's guide



Take some bright yellow, orange and a sponge and paint the entire face, taking care not to go too close to the eyes.


With a clean sponge, dab some white down the nose and either on side of it, like in the picture. Now with a brush and some black paint, draw three whiskers on each cheek. Finally, paint the end of the nose and add a little line coming down from it towards the lip.


Using a thick brush with black paint, draw two wavy lines that stretch up from either side of the nose to the middle of the forehead. Then add three small stripes in between the lines, like in the picture. Draw two stripes above the eyebrows and two under the inside corners of the eyes. Now add two stripes across each cheek and on the chin. Lastly, paint the end of the nose and add whiskers.