How to paint a....

Princess Purple beginner's guide



With a wet brush and purple paint, paint three big oval shapes on the forehead, with some smaller shapes at the top. These oval shapes should point towards the nose. Paint two shapes on each cheek underneath the eyes. Blend some black and purple paint together to make dark purple and add definition to the ovals and shapes on the cheek


With a sponge and white paint add some white to the middle of the forehead. Don’t paint over the whole area, try to get a balance of dark and light colours so that that shapes along the outside are darker and it gets lighter as it moves to the middle of the forehead


With a small brush and white paint draw two hearts on the forehead, a line highlighting the purple paint between the two hearts, shell and flower like shapes underneath that line. Then draw highlighting lines on the shapes at the sides of the forehead and lastly some highlighting lines on the cheeks