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Pizza Peter beginner's guide


Step 1

For this look, you need to start with your brown Brush Pen. First twist the base and draw the round outline of a pizza, using the whole face, from hairline to jaw. Leave a triangular shaped ‘slice’ missing around the nose, then draw a ‘slice’ line from the top of the forehead down to the pizza’s centre, which should be at the bridge of the nose.

Step 2

With your green Brush Pen, paint small solid circles, like polka dots, evenly inside the pizza outline. These will be your spicy jalapeno peppers!

Step 3

Next it’s time to fill in, so pick up your yellow Brush Pen and paint inside the pizza lines, avoiding the eyes and green jalapenos. Once the pizza is neatly filled in, add about five yellow dots to each jalapeno for seeds, and with your brown Brush Pen add tiny crescents of salami scattered on top of the yellow. Ready for a slice?

• You Will Need •

Brush Pen Jungle Pack
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Go wild with yellow, green and brown in the Snazaroo Jungle Brush Pen Pack and make fun furry faces fast with lions, tigers and cheetahs – but never any spills or splashes


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This kit contains:

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