How to paint a....

Pirate Red beginner's guide



With a wet brush and red paint, draw a shape on the child’s forehead for the bandana. Draw a line diagonally across the forehead with a knot on the side of the face. Fill with a wet sponge and red paint.


Then with a brush and white paint, draw a skull-and-crossbones in the middle of the forehead. Also add some white dots to the forehead.


With a small brush and black paint carefully outline the edges of the bandana on the child’s forehead and cheek. Add 3 lines on the sides of the bandana and two eyes and a nose to the skull-and-crossbones. Add a curly moustache above the mouth and a scar on a cheek and lastly draw a thick circle around the eye with a thin line diagonally connecting the eye patch to the bandana