How to paint a....

Multicolour fairy beginner's guide



With a brush, use blue paint to create the lower butterfly wings from the top of the nose down to middle of the cheeks. Then with pink paint brush around the eyes to create the top wings. Don't forget to paint a flick at the tips of these shapes. Taking a thin brush, paint two swirls on top of the lilac wings once they have dried.


With a brush, use white paint to create the body of the butterfly down the centre of the nose. Paint some dots leading from the top of the body going around to the top of the pink wings. With a thin brush, use white paint to decorate the wings and around that area with smaller dots and stars.


With a thin brush, use black paint to draw the antenna and add a tear drop at the bottom of the white body on the nose. With a sponge, carefully dab one little circle with white paint on the bottom of each blue wing to finish your design.