How to paint a....

Dinosaur beginner's guide



With a wet brush and green paint, draw 5 small bumps over the eyebrows – one in the middle and two either side. Draw two big ovals around the eyes, making a mask shape which meet at and cover the nose. The bottom of each oval should extend down the edge of the cheek with two bumps at the bottom. Fill in using a sponge and green paint to complete the mask


With a small brush and white paint draw 4 curved triangles for horns - 2 horns above and on the side of the eyebrows and two horns on each cheek pointing towards the chin. With the small brush draw blue dots over the green paint on the cheeks and above the eyebrows.


With a small brush and black paint, draw an outline around the green mask shape and the white horns. Add 2 or 3 small lines on top and one big line on the bottom of the nose. Add two lines above the two fangs on the cheeks