How to paint a....

Cheetah beginner's guide



Using a sponge with some bright yellow, paint a mask that comes down the cheeks in two points and covers all of the nose. At the top of the mask, add two triangles for ears.


Now use a brush with some white paint to make two smaller triangles inside the ears. Then with a sponge and the same white, gently dab colour down the nose and across either side of it.


This is easier than it looks: take a brush with some black and outline the tip of the ears and the tip of the white inner ears. Then add fur across the very top of the head. Now draw a curvy line around the inner eyes that stretches down the nose and around the white cheeks. Add three black dots on the forehead and three on each yellow cheek. Now draw three mini whiskers on each white cheek. To finish, paint the end of the nose and add some small dots to it.