Candy Cane Witch

There was once a big family of witches that lived in the forest. They spent their days being mean and casting evil spells, and their favourite trick was to turn children into big, green, ugly frogs.


Step 1

Use a sponge and some white paint to cover the face. Apply some glitters for a glowy effect!

Step 2

With a brush and some red paint, draw triangle shapes around the left eye.

Step 3

Create a wart on the right cheek using red and black. Finally, take some purple paint and use a thin brush to draw some wiggly lines on the right hand side of the face.

• You Will Need •

Halloween Face Paint Kit
Product Info

This face painting kit is great for a Halloween party, making up to 50 full faces. It features 8 spooky colours, as well as a brush, 1 sponge and step by step guide to help you create little monsters, witches and vampires.