How to paint a....

Butterfly beginner's guide



Draw fuchsia semi-circle shapes around the eyes, with a little bump at the top of each one. Then paint two curved triangle shapes below the yes with sparkle lilac, just like in the picture. Sponge some subtle white highlights onto the lilac wings. Then using a thin brush, draw two fuchsia lines curling down each lilac wing.


Paint the body on the top of the nose, like in the picture. Add some white dots that begin at the body and follow the top edge of the pink wings, finishing at the bumps make in step 1. Add thee little dots at either side of the top of the pink wings. Add another three dots below the right eye on the lilac wing and two more sets at the very bottom of each lilac wing. Finally, add a star on the forehead and two beside the left eye.


Finish the butterfly mask by painting a black tail on the body and two black antennae at the top.